Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Java Roadmap

* JEP 425 Virtual Threads (Preview)
* JEP 428 Structured Concurrency (Incubator)
* JEP 405 Record Patterns (Preview)
* JEP 427 Pattern Matching for switch (Third Preview)
* JEP 424 Foreign Function & Memory API (Preview)
* JEP 426 Vector API (Fourth Incubator)
* Support Unicode 14.0 (JDK-8268081)
* New system properties for System.out and System.err (JDK-8283620)
* HTTPS Channel Binding Support for Java GSS/Kerberos (JDK-8279842)
* Additional Date-Time Formats (JDK-8176706)
* New Methods to Create Preallocated HashMaps and HashSets (JDK-8186958)
* Support for PAC-RET Protection on Linux/AArch64 (JDK-8277204)
* Automatic Generation of the CDS Archive (JDK-8261455)
* Windows KeyStore Updated to Include Access to the Local Machine Location (JDK-6782021)
* Break Up SEQUENCE in X509Certificate::getSubjectAlternativeNames and X509Certificate::getIssuerAlternativeNames in otherName (JDK-8277976)
* (D)TLS Signature Schemes (JDK-8280494)
* Add a -providerPath Option to jarsigner (JDK-8281175)
* New Options for ktab to Provide Non-default Salt (JDK-8279064)
* New XML Processing Limits (JDK-8270504 (not public))
* Removal of Diagnostic Flag GCParallelVerificationEnabled (JDK-8286304)
* Remove Finalizer Implementation in SSLSocketImpl (JDK-8212136)
* Remove the Alternate ThreadLocal Implementation of the Subject::current and Subject::callAs APIs (JDK-8282676 (not public))
* java.lang.ThreadGroup Is Degraded (JDK-8284161)
* Deprecation of Locale Class Constructors (JDK-8282819)
* PSSParameterSpec(int) Constructor and DEFAULT Static Constant Are Deprecated (JDK-8254935)
* OAEPParameterSpec.DEFAULT Static Constant Is Deprecated (JDK-8284553)
* Metal Is Now the Default Java 2D Rendering Pipeline on macOS (JDK-8284378)
* New System Property to Disable Windows Alternate Data Stream Support in (JDK-8285445)
* User's Home Directory Is Set to $HOME if Invalid (JDK-8280357)
* Thread Context ClassLoader Changed to be a Special Inheritable Thread-local (JDK-8284161)
* Source and Binary Incompatible Changes to java.lang.Thread (JDK-8284161)
* Incorrect Handling of Quoted Arguments in ProcessBuilder (JDK-8282008)
* Double.toString(double) and Float.toString(float) May Return Slightly Different Results (JDK-4511638)
* Make Annotation toString Output for Enum Constants Usable for Source Input (JDK-8281462)
* MD5 and SHA-1 Are Disabled by Default for HTTP Digest Authentication (JDK-8281561)
* Improved HTTP Proxy Detection on Windows (JDK-8262442)
* Updated to Reject Ambiguous IPv4 Address Literals (JDK-8277608 (not public))
* Make HttpURLConnection Default Keep Alive Timeout Configurable (JDK-8278067)
* FileChannel.transferFrom May Transfer Fewer Bytes than Expected (JDK-8286763)
* The mark and set Methods of InputStream and FilterInputStream Are No Longer Synchronized (JDK-8284930)
* Files.copy Copies POSIX Attributes to Target on Foreign File System (JDK-8267820)
* FileChannel.lock/tryLock Changed to Treat Size 0 to Mean the Locked Region Goes to End of File (JDK-5041655)
* java.time.DateTimeFormatter: Wrong Definition of Symbol F (JDK-8282081)
* Support for IsoFields in JapaneseDate/MinguoDate/ThaiBuddhistDate (JDK-8279185)
* ForkJoinPool and ThreadPoolExecutor Do Not Use Thread::start to Start Worker Threads (JDK-8284161)
* Throws EOFException (JDK-8292327)
* Regex \b Character Class Now Matches ASCII Characters only by Default (JDK-8264160)
* Support for CLDR Version 41 (JDK-8265315)
* Parsing of URL Strings in Built-in JNDI Providers Is More Strict (JDK-8278972 (not public))
* jstatd No Longer Requires a SecurityManager (JDK-8272317)
* JVM TI Changes to Support Virtual Threads (JDK-8284161)
* JNI GetVersion Returns JNI_VERSION_19 (JDK-8286176)
* CPU Shares Ignored When Computing Active Processor Count (JDK-8281181)
* RPM JDK Installer Changes (JDK-8275446)
* All JDK Update Releases Are Installed into the Same Directory on macOS (JDK-8281010)
* JDK-8278370: [win] Disable Side-by-Side Installations of Multiple JDK Updates in Windows JDK Installers (JDK-8278370)
* Only Expose Certificates With Proper Trust Settings as Trusted Certificate Entries in macOS KeychainStore (JDK-8278449 (not public))
* RC2 and ARCFOUR Algorithms Added to Security Property (JDK-8286090)
* Use Larger Default Key Sizes if not Explicitly Specified (JDK-8267319)
* getParameters of ECDSA Signature Objects Always Return Null (JDK-8286908)
* DES, DESede, and MD5 Algorithms Added to Security Property (JDK-8255552)
* Fully Support Endpoint Identification Algorithm in RFC 6125 (JDK-7192189)
* TLS Cipher Suites using 3DES Removed from the Default Enabled List (JDK-8163327)
* Indy String Concat Changes Order of Operations (JDK-8273914)
* Lambda Deserialization Fails for Object Method References on Interfaces (JDK-8282080)
* JavaDoc Search Enhancements (JDK-8248863)
* Allow Per-User and System Wide Configuration of a jpackaged App (JDK-8250950)
* JShell Highlights Deprecated Elements, Variables, and Keywords (JDK-8274148)
* -Xss May Be Rounded up to a Multiple of the System Page Size (JDK-8236569)
* Use Larger Default key Sizes if not Explicitly Specified (JDK-8267319)


* JEP 389: Foreign Linker API (Incubator)
* JEP 396: Strongly Encapsulate JDK Internals by Default
* JEP 393: Foreign-Memory Access API (Third Incubator
* JEP 390: Warnings for Value-based Classes
* Add InvocationHandler::invokeDefault Method for Proxy's Default Method Support
* JEP 380: Unix domain sockets
* Day Period Support Added to java.time Formats
* Add Stream.toList() Method
* JEP 338: Vector API (Incubator)
* Improved CompileCommand Flag
* JEP 376: ZGC Concurrent Stack Processing
* Concurrently Uncommit Memory in G1
* New jdk.ObjectAllocationSample Event Enabled by Default
* JEP 387: Elastic Metaspace
* Signed JAR Support for RSASSA-PSS and EdDSA
* SUN, SunRsaSign, and SunEC Providers Supports SHA-3 Based Signature Algorithms
* jarsigner Preserves POSIX File Permission and symlink Attributes
* Added -trustcacerts and -keystore Options to keytool -printcert and -printcrl Commands
* SunPKCS11 Provider Supports SHA-3 Related Algorithms
* Improve Certificate Chain Handling
* Improve Encoding of TLS Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation (ALPN) Values
* TLS Support for the EdDSA Signature Algorithm
* JEP 397: Sealed Classes (Second Preview)
* JEP 395: Records
* JEP 394: Pattern Matching for instanceof
* JEP 392: Packaging Tool
* Removal of java.awt.PeerFixer
* Removal of Experimental Features AOT and Graal JIT
* Deprecated Tracing Flags Are Obsolete and Must Be Replaced With Unified Logging Equivalents
* Removed Root Certificates with 1024-bit Keys
* Removal of Legacy Elliptic Curves
* Terminally Deprecated ThreadGroup stop, destroy, isDestroyed, setDaemon and isDaemon
* Parts of the Signal-Chaining API Are Deprecated
* Deprecated the APIs That Represent DNs as Principal or String Objects
* Line Terminator Definition Changed in
* Enhanced Support of Proxy Class
* Module::getPackages Returns the Set of Package Names in This Module
* Support Supplementary Characters in String Case Insensitive Operations
* Proxy Classes Are Not Open for Reflective Access
* The Default HttpClient Implementation Returns Cancelable Futures
* HttpPrincipal::getName Returned Incorrect Name
* HttpClient.newHttpClient and Might Throw UncheckedIOException
* NullPointerException Not Thrown When First Argument to Path.of or Paths.get Is null
* Incomplete Support for Unix Domain Sockets in Windows 2019 Server
* US/Pacific-New Zone Name Removed as Part of tzdata2020b
* Argument Index of Zero or Unrepresentable by int Throws IllegalFormatException.
* GZIPOutputStream Sets the GZIP OS Header Field to the Correct Default Value
* Refine ZipOutputStream.putNextEntry() to Recalculate ZipEntry's Compressed Size
* java.util.logging.LogRecord Updated to Support Long Thread IDs
* TreeMap.computeIfAbsent Mishandles Existing Entries Whose Values Are null
* Support for CLDR Version 38
* Added Property to Control LDAP Authentication Mechanisms Allowed to Authenticate Over Clear Connections
* LDAP Channel Binding Support for Java GSS/Kerberos
* Make JVMTI Table Concurrent
* IncompatibleClassChangeError Exceptions Are Thrown For Failing 'final' Checks When Defining a Class
* Object Monitors No Longer Keep Strong References to Their Associated Object
* Added 3 SSL Corporation Root CA Certificates
* Added Entrust Root Certification Authority - G4 certificate
* Upgraded the Default PKCS12 Encryption and MAC Algorithms
* Disable TLS 1.0 and 1.1
* C-Style Array Declarations Are Not Allowed in Record Components
* Annotation Interfaces May Not Be Declared As Local Interfaces
* DocLint Support Moved to jdk.javadoc Module
* Eliminating Duplication in Simple Documentation Comments
* Viewing API Documentation on Small Devices
* API Documentation Links to Platform Documentation
* Improvements for JavaDoc Search


* Unicode support to 13.0
* Hidden Classes
* Added Support for SO_INCOMING_NAPI_ID Support
* Specialized Implementations of TreeMap Methods
* Added Ability to Configure Third Port for Remote JMX
* New Option Added to jstatd for Specifying RMI Connector Port Number
* New Option Added to jcmd for Writing a gzipped Heap Dump
* Text Blocks
* New Options Added to jhsdb for debugd Mode
* Oracle JDK Installer for Windows Provides Executables (javac, etc) in a Path Reachable From Any Command Prompt
* Added Revocation Checking to jarsigner
* Tools Warn If Weak Algorithms Are Used Before Restricting Them
* SunJCE Provider Supports SHA-3 Based Hmac Algorithms
* New System Properties to Configure the TLS Signature Schemes
* Support for certificate_authorities Extension
* Support for canonicalize in krb5.conf
* Removal of Terminally Deprecated Solaris-specific SO_FLOW_SLA Socket Option
* Removal of RMI Static Stub Compiler (rmic)
* Removal of Deprecated Constant RMIConnectorServer.CREDENTIAL_TYPES
* Removal of Nashorn JavaScript Engine
* Obsolete -XXUseAdaptiveGCBoundary
* Removal of Comodo Root CA Certificate
* Removal of DocuSign Root CA Certificate
* Retired the Deprecated SSLSession.getPeerCertificateChain() Method Implementation
* Removal of Name
* Deprecated RMI Activation for Removal
* Deprecated NSWindowStyleMaskTexturedBackground
* Deprecated -XXForceNUMA Option
* Disabled Biased-locking and Deprecated Biased-locking Flags
* Disabled Native SunEC Implementation by Default
* Added forRemoval=true to Previously Deprecated ContentSigner APIs
* Workaround for Windows GDI API's memory restrictions
* java.awt.Robot.delay() Method Completes With Interrupt Status Set When Interrupted
* Improved Serialization Handling
* Optimized Empty Substring Handling
* LookupdefineClass Links the Class
* DatagramSocketdisconnect Allows an Implementation to Throw UncheckedIOException
* Does Not Override Protocols Specified in SSLContext Default Parameters
* Filtering and Ordering of Addresses Returned by Alternative Hosts File Name Service Provider
* DatagramPacket.getPort() Returns 0 When the Port Is Not Set
* Modified the MS950 charset Encoder's Conversion Table
* Support Monetary Grouping Separator in DecimalFormat/DecimalFormatSymbols
* localizedBy() Overrides Localized Values With Default Values
* ValueRange.of(long, long, long) Does Not Throw IAE on Invalid Inputs
* Performance Improvement for InflaterOutputStream.write
* Case Insensitive Matching Doesn't Work Correctly for Some Character Classes
* Better Listing of Arrays
* Support for CLDR version 37
* Localized Time Zone Name Inconsistency Between English and Other Locales
* [macos] Support for Notarizing jpackage app-image and dmg
* Flags Controlling C1 Inlining Have New Names
* Improved Ergonomics for G1 Heap Region Size
* ZGC A Scalable Low-Latency Garbage Collector (Production)
* Disabling large pages on Windows
* Disabling NUMA Interleaving on Windows
* Field Layout Computation Changed
* Enable ShowCodeDetailsInExceptionMessages by default
* Signature and SignatureSpi Get Parameter Methods May Return null When Unsupported
* SunPKCS11 Initialization With NSS When External FIPS Modules Are in Security Modules Database
* Default SSLEngine Should Create in Server Role
* Pattern Matching for instanceof (Second Preview)
* Standard Doclet Index Files Compression

* JDK Flight Recorder event streaming provides an API for the continuous consumption of JFR data from both in-process and out-of-process applications.
* The planned improvement to NullPointerExceptions pertains to improving the usability of the exceptions generated by the JVM by describing exactly which variable was null.
* Non-volatile mapped byte buffers would add new JDK-specific file mapping modes that allow the FileChannel API to be used to create MappedByteBuffer instances that refer to non-volatile memory (NVM).
* Enhance the language with pattern matching for the instanceof operator. This would be a preview feature in JDK 14.
* Switch expressions simplify coding by extending switch so that it can be used as either a statement or an expression.
* NUMA-aware memory allocation for the G1 garbage collector, intended to improve G1 performance on large machines.
* Removal of the Concurrent Mark Sweep (CMS) garbage collector, which previously was deprecated and slated for removal. Successors to CMS have arisen including ZGC and Shenandoah.
* Porting of ZGC to MacOS. It has been supported only on Linux thus far.
* Removal of the pack200 and unpack200 tools and the Pack200 API in the java.util.jar package.
* Records
* Deprecating the combination of the Parallel Scavenge and Serial Old garbage collection algorithms.
* Porting of the ZGC (Z Garbage Collector) to Windows.
* Foreign-memory access API, with the introduction of an API for Java programs to safely and efficiently access foreign memory outside of the Java heap.
* Deprecation of the Solaris/Sparc, Solaris/x64, and Linux/Sparc ports, with the intent to remove them in a future release.

* text block
* a reimplementation of the legacy socket API
* switch expressions
* enhancements to the ZGC (Z Garbage Collector)
* extending application class-data sharing (AppCDS) to enable dynamic archiving of classes at the end of application execution.

jdk 12
* switch expressions

jdk 11
* lts
* dynamic class file constants
* converged binaries, oracle jdk & open jdk
* opensource flight recorder
* opensource mission control
* browser plugin removed
* java web start removed
* javafx removed from jdk and replace as a lib
javafx.* [8-10]
javafx.css [9-10]
javafx.css.converter [9-10]
javafx.fxml [9-10]
javafx.scene [9-10]
javafx.util [9-10]
* epsilon garbage collector
* improve aarch64 intrinsics
* low overhead heap profiling
* http client
   The Standard HTTP Client has been moved from jdk.incubator.http to$Builder$Redirect$Version$BodyPublisher$BodyPublishers$Builder$BodyHandler$BodyHandlers$BodySubscriber$BodySubscribers$PushPromiseHandler$ResponseInfo$Builder$Listener
* extend local-variable syntax
* unicode 10 support
* launch single file source code
* shebang
* transport layer security tls 1.3
* zgc
* deprecate nashorn javascript engine
* key agreement with curve25519 and curve448
   JEP 324: Key Agreement with Curve25519 and Curve448 comes with a few classes,
* chacha20 and poly1305 cryptographic algorithms
* optional.isEmpty()
* character.toString(int)
* String, isBlank(), lines(), repeat(int), strip(), stripLeading(), stripTrailing()
* predicate not
* java ee and corba module are dropped
javax.activation [6-10]
javax.activity [5-10]
javax.annotation [6-10]
javax.jnlp [5-10]
javax.jws [6-10]
javax.rmi.CORBA [3-10] [4-10]
javax.transaction [3-10]
javax.xml.bind [6-10]
javax.xml.soap [6-10] [6-10] [8-10] [8-10] [only 10] [9-10]
org.omg.CORBA [2-10]

jdk 10
* local variable type inference
* parallel full gc for g1
* application class data sharing
* experimental java based jit compiler (graal)
* root certificates
* consolidate jdk forests into single repo
* heap allocation on alternative devices (intel)
* remove javah tool
* garbage collector interface (red hat)
* thread local handshakes
* list, set, map.copyOf(collection)
* collectors, toUnmodifiableList, toUnmodifiableMap, toUnmodifiableSet
* Optional.orElseThrow()
* jvm now more docker container aware

jdk 9

* Java Platform Module System
* Java flow API

jdk 8
* lts
* lambda

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