Friday, April 10, 2015

A year of active blogging information technology articles

Time flies, it's been a year I started to blog actively and persistently. Today, we are not going to learn any information technology related article. Today, I will share my thoughts about my blogging experience and journey.

Reading through various people's blogs on information technology article all these while make me learn a lot. There is also time when I encounter questions in real life or working life and then started to research further on the topic in concern. So I asked myself, well, why not write out my research and typing into a blog? Not only that I could reference this writing in the future, but I can also share this knowledge to the people that are interested in. These are my main motivation to keep on writing and contributing back especially to the opensource community.

These blogging continue until today and it took a lot of efforts and time to research on the topic. Because there are many generous people also blogging and I thank all of them for which I reference in the past either quoted their write up, code snippets and/or links. As time progress, I thought of sharing my article by publishing the link into social media and so more people can read about it. As a programmer, I have google a lot for topic that interest me and this spark an idea to me to make this site searchable in google and so people who need help able to reach these article through search engine too.

There are times when I felt to give up writing either due to hectic work, already no time for family and/or for self, like a miracle, people across the world who read and favorited either in twitter, leave comment in the blog, +1 in google, people show appreciation for my blog that helped them in their life drive and motivate me to continue or even drive me higher to produce more quality blog.

In the future, I hope with more strength and more time for myself, I could have the opportunity to continue write information technology related blog. As writing require time and efforts, it would be great to receive donation either to acknowledge to the blogger or to my friend that host this site. It would means a lot to us now and into the future.

Last but not least, there maybe mistakes in the articles written and this is not intended but please comment in the article and so it can be correct. Any feedback on how to improve this site or article, please let me know either email me, message me or leave your comment below.

Till then for the next article,

Jason Wee

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