Friday, April 18, 2014

Should we use cache in application server interface to cassandra?

There are many debates whether should a cache layer should be place in front of cassandra, read more here.

Initially, if your data set store in cassandra is small, well , fine, enable key cache in cassandra or if you are sure enough, row cache perhaps

From application server development point of view, less code to develop and faster development cycle. This could also means one less test and less ambuiguity. Everyone is happy.

But imagine over times, when data store in cassandra grow and (read and write) requests to cassandra are also increase in tandem, perhaps some request will get timeout. Remember that when sstables grows, compaction and repair will take considerable amount of hardware resources (example memory and block device).

So in this situation, it will not be such a bad idea to have a cache layer on application server. To reduce read request to cassandra, one can implement a simple caching layer in the application server. Of cause, the design and requirement is specific to one's need but the general idea is that, by using a caching layer, request to the cassandra server can be reduce and if caching use correctly, the effect can be tremendous.

There is discussion on how this can be implemented.

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