Monday, October 7, 2013


1. what is kerberos?

from wikipedia,

kerberos is a computer network authentication protocol which works on the basis of 'tickets' to allow nodes communicating over a non-secure network to prove their identity to one another in a secure manner.

okay... so what it actually means?
It means in a network, a client computer authenticate to a server and this process mutually prove the identify of the client and the server respectively.

A 'ticket' is produced if the identity is authenticated and authorized. This ticket can be used by client to access the computer resources that it allowed to.
2. how does it really works?

Imagine with two computer, server A and client B. server A and client B is connected together in a TCP network. Now client B need to access a computer resource, which require authentication.

Server A provide the service of authentication over the network. Now client B will authenticate itself to the Authentication Server (AS). This username will be forward to a Key Distribution Center (KDC).

The KDC issues a Ticket Granting Ticket (TGT). TGT is produced with a time stamped, encrypt it using the user password. TGT will be return to the users' workstation.

If client B need to communicate to another node (kerberos coin it
'principal'), it send the TGT to the Ticket Granting Service (TGS). TGS shared the same host as the KDC. If the TGT is verified valid, then the user is permitted to access the requested service in the node. TGS will issue a Ticket and session keys to the client.

3. where does it used?
windows domain controller or in samba. Basically any service that support kerberos authentication.

4. should i use it?
That depend for a few factors. for one, if you are administrator for a organization which has many computer resources, you want to provide single sign on for the user. That is, once a user is authenticated, the authenticated user can access to the resources it allow it. Then in this situation, it may sounds logical to implement kerberos into the network authentication service.

5. any link for me to read further?
sure, i find the below is useful." title="" title="" title="

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