Saturday, October 12, 2013

analysis graph - gangnam style view

So after a year run, everyone on earth should not be alien about gangnam style; the korean kpop hit songs. It's impresive we see this video view in youtube break the most view youtube holder and set itself far ahead than the rest top 10 most view youtube videos.

Numbers speak and represent the popularity of the content, in this case, the song and the singer. With this article, I would like to share my thought and history experience about this song view chart. This is just my analysis and opinion based on this graph.

It was released sometime ago but it has not gain momentum, probably due to just released and new to the people. But from the black circle, this is where the slope is at its highest. At this time, videos played all over the tv, news play over and over in the radio, and even in social networking websites, everyone sharing this songs to everyone. The rate of explosion is tremendous!

Then we continue to see the curve going indicated in the red circle. There was a time where there is a video circulate in the internet said how the view is generated using a paid service company.. LoL.. lame.. that is, if you want to get your views goes high up, you paid a certain amount to a company, and they click on your video and view and does that continously for you. :-) But I don't think it happen for this song, because this gangnam trend is seem throughout the earth.. though it is korean song, the impact is everywhere, we can see mass public doing mob dance everywhere on earth.. also, the hundred of parodies....

Though the graph is still rising, as seen in blue circle, the rate of view is definitely slow down. somewhere during the period of 2013 april, that's about 6 months run! I think it has done good , considering a good pop song would not last like 2-3months... Nonetheless, true fans of Psy and newbie just watch the video still contributing the view rate. At this stage, Psy and his gangnam style has reach the fame and every household would know him.. maybe your pet, dog and cat too. :-)

The record breaking at almost 1.8billions view after july 2013 is really astonishing and greatest achievement. We see the graph not grow but in fact, if you zoom into the last of light yellow circle, you will see the fall of the view rate. I guesss it is only normal everyone is bored with this pop song. Would it grow any higher and stay steady? Trend and time will tell because we see history, there are pop songs goes back into chart, with gangnam style, there is high possibility too. Thereby push the graph higher.

That's it for my analysis and thank you for reading.

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