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Friday, October 24, 2014

How to organize old emails in evolution

Today, we are going to take it slow, my mind is just exhausted for analyzing or any programming. Today, we will do something simple. We will export our emails out.

So why export emails? If you have been working for years, I'm sure emails your email client will have a lot of emails. But you do not want to delete it yet do not want it to be in your mail client. So is there a way to make those email out of mail client yet you can import later day if you need it.

If you are using evolution, read on. This article is going to tell you how to do export emails from evolution mail client. It is very easy and only a few steps away.

As you may have notice, evolution only has an import command under File. See screenshot below.


In order to export out emails, you will need to select emails in the mail folder. See screenshot below, I have group email into different companies with different date in year.


To export,

  1. select all emails in the mail folder.

  2. click File then Save as mbox... and provide some descriptive name to the save file.

That's it! You can now delete emails in evolution and keep the exported email somewhere safe.

Should you need the email from the exported file, you can import back. In the screenshot above, there is a import command. Click on that and follow the window assistance, you can easily retrieve your email back into mail client.

That's it. I hope you learned something.