Sunday, June 18, 2017

setup local cassandra repository coexist with cassandra upstream

For the past several years, apache cassandra has always been in my working realm. From start of cassandra 0.8 until cassandra 1.2 to beyond cassandra 3.9 (as of this time), I have been using it by modelling data in cassandra, inserting, retrieving, administrating and maintenance of production cluster.

So to take a step further, I thought of going into cassandra development. In this article, I will describe how I got source from cassandra official git repository and setup my own repository in github , so to coexist both of them.

Previously I have done git clone

 user@localhost:~/cassandra-trunk$ git remote -v  
 origin (fetch)  
 origin (push)  

So pretty much usual. Now, let's change to the follow
* origin point to github repository
* upstream point to github repository

First, let's remove the remote origin and then add my repository in github. Of cause, create an empty repository in github first before you continue following.

 user@localhost:~/cassandra-trunk$ git remote remove origin  
 user@localhost:~/cassandra-trunk$ git remote add origin  

Now, let's check the remote origin.

 user@localhost:~/cassandra-trunk$ git remote -v  
 origin (fetch)  
 origin (push)  

okay, everything is on track and expected. Now let's add upstream to the cassandra git repository.

 user@localhost:~/cassandra-trunk$ git remote add upstream  

and then we check again.

 user@localhost:~/workspace/StudyCassandra/cassandra-trunk$ git remote -v  
 origin (fetch)  
 origin (push)  
 upstream (fetch)  
 upstream (push)  

OK! everything is good to go. okay.. now that we have two remote repositories, so how should we continue to work further? Now, when we pull, we have to first specify where to pull from and what branch to pull. In the following example, we pull from upstream on the trunk (master) branch.

 user@localhost:~/cassandra-trunk$ git pull upstream trunk  
  * branch      trunk   -> FETCH_HEAD  
 Already up-to-date.  

beautiful, now we can pull from upstream and into our working repository. Let's push our repository into github now.

 user@localhost:~/cassandra-trunk$ git push -u origin trunk  
 Counting objects: 266270, done.  
 Delta compression using up to 8 threads.  
 Compressing objects: 100% (42703/42703), done.  
 Writing objects: 100% (266270/266270), 136.16 MiB | 547.00 KiB/s, done.  
 Total 266270 (delta 160130), reused 265316 (delta 159364)  
 remote: Resolving deltas: 100% (160130/160130), done.  
  * [new branch]   trunk -> trunk  
 Branch trunk set up to track remote branch trunk from origin.  

okay, that's it, one more step ahead.

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