Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy new year 2016

Happy new year 2016 to everyone!

In the past year 2015, many things has happened, a lot of blogs published mainly big data articles and java articles. I enjoy writing this technology articles after spent considerable amount of time onto different topics in my spare times.

Whilst in the past year many things has happened, one part that struck me dearly was my dear friend noflexdan passed away due to health complication. The domain that he left behind, that we started actively blogging on information technology took a big stumble blocks. As a result of his partway, I decided to start a new domain which inherit the very fundamental of sharing information technology through blogging but no longer using his domain name. What's rightfully belong to him, will be forever belong to him. I miss you.

Another part that struck me recently when my mom has diabetes complication which this time cause her both of her legs cannot move and swollen. Although almost a month has past, her swollen has reduced and pain has reduced a lot, but she still unable to walk. Her health, well being and daily routine is currently handle majorly by myself and people that close to me.

Due to this changes, I have basically do not have much additional time to spend time writing information technology blogs anytime soon. If you have been a vivid reader in the past, my sincere apology for all this has coming to me. I hope everything will be better soon so that my mom can self take care and I can resume my technology writing.

Till then if you want to share what you learn on information technology, you can drop me an email and I shall arrange this!

Let's hope 2016 will be better than in the past year and I wish everyone stay healthy.

Jason Wee

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