Saturday, October 10, 2015

post mortem of anonymous vs najib on august 2015

When the video is circulating in the social media, it create additional sensational hype on the verge of incoming bersih 4.0 rally at the month end of august of 2015. Some said in the youtube comment this video above is fake, some news circulating even the IGP of malaysia has even commented on this.

Whether it is conspiracies from any parties or if this incident really happened, it has been weeks after the date set forth in the video. In this article, we will take a look at what actually had happened on 29 august 2015.

For a start, one things is ascertain, the sites that were identified by the anonymous groups in the video; on that day were all having ddos protections. Take a look at the screenshots below taken on 29 august 2015.

All the sites above have taken precaution steps to prevent denial of services from happening. From the norse map, as usual, ddos happen every time but nothing particulary on the time declared by the anonymous toward malaysia IPs.

However, sometime around 7.30pm, the royal malaysian police website cannot be access for duraiton of time. It could be just a minor glitch.

So today I take a look at the digital attack map on the day 29 and 30 august 2015. Nothing massive attack happened to malaysia IPs.

It definitely looks like there is no obvious denial of services happened on that two days. But why and what is the motive of the anonymous video was created for? Has anonymous failed in the attack given the additional security prevention has setup in placed? Well, I would say unlikely. It's a strange world indeed.


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