Saturday, November 8, 2014

Set date in gnome3 gnome-shell panel

If you came from gnome2 or before, you can easily alter configuration date and time in the panel. I don't know why the changes in gnome3 make everything so painfully to configure. It supposed to be easy and intuitive and can be achieve in few seconds but this is not the case anymore. Today, we will change the default configuration to something we used to. See screenshot below.


Introducing dconf-editor.

The dconf-editor program provides a graphical interface for editing settings that are stored in the dconf database. The gsettings(1) utility provides similar functionality on the commandline.

So install this package if it is not available. Let's launch the app.
user@localhost:~$ dconf-editor

dconf-editor window popup. On the left tree menu, expand in this succession. org -> gnome -> desktop -> interface . Check the button for the field you would like to enable. In the screenshot below, I have enable my use to desktop setting, show the date and show seconds.


That's it, in the next article, we will probably look into the earth daylight map on the date / time calendar. I like that feature too but somehow it is not available in gnome3.

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